Coming Soon: The F-150 Lightning

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! The Electric F-150 will be on the market soon! Sign Up to get on our Waitlist!

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All Electric. All F-150.

Canada's best selling line of pickup trucks is going electric with the new 2022 F-150 Lightning. The electric powertrain allows you to work smarter and in more places without sacrificing all the brawn or the capability of the F-150. Stay connected with the high level technologies and features, making you more productive than ever before. Visit Terrace Ford to learn more about the future of business.

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100% Electric

A Symbol of the future of Ford, the F-150 Lightning is packed with all of the advantages of zero emissions propulsion - from instant torque to available Ford Intelligent Backup Power.

Advanced Technology

Ford Pass integration enables communication and remote access to your vehicle. Plus, powerful charging solutions deliver seamless access to public charging stations.

Built Ford Tough

The F-150 Lightning is torture tested and put through the same tests as the traditional F-150. You can be confident that the electric truck will live up to the standards you've come to expect from an F-150.

Series Lineup

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F-150 Lightning XLT
22 frd p702bev lar scc5 sqtz ps34
F-150 Lightning Lariat
22 frd p702bev plt scc5 icbs ps34
F-150 Lighting Platinum

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