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Terrace Ford Lincoln factory-trained technicians understand Ford vehicles inside and out. Our goal is to make sure your vehicle performs at its best. Book a free service loaner or shuttle while your car is in the shop. Save 10% per service with the Go Auto App.

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Ford expertise

Our Service team can do any kind of servicing, repair, or maintenance. Book small essential jobs like an oil & filter change, or bigger work such as new brakes. We maintain every model of Ford here.

Meeting all your needs

We have more than 150 vehicles at our dealership, a program to help first-time buyers get approved more easily, free service loaners, no extra fees, and an in-house finance team to get your deal approved. And we can approve your finance with our own money if the banks turn you down.

Save 10% with the Go Card

Our amazing Go Card can save you at least 10% on every service, parts, and accessory bill. Best of all, it's free to join!

Loaners & shuttle rides

Take a free loaner vehicle or shuttle ride while your vehicle is serviced. Please be sure to mention you need a loaner vehicle when you book your appointment.

Take up to 12 months to pay

When you need to service your vehicle but don't want to pay yet, we can put off payments on service and parts for up to twelve months. (On approved credit).

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Genuine Ford parts & accessories

We only use genuine Ford parts for your vehicle every time. They help your car run just like it did when it was new and last longer than aftermarket parts. 

Comprehensive Ford service & maintenance

Complete servicing will keep your Ford running smoothly and on the road for a long time. We do all kinds of servicing. Service appointments all come with an 83-point inspection. This detailed check makes sure your car is running at its peak. The following areas are included in the inspection.

Exterior & interior

Interior: examine every interior component, including steering wheel functions and elements, seat controls, audio/video functions, and more.
Exterior: look for signs of damage including the windshield, head and tail lamps, body panels, windows, hood, or trunk.

Tire and brake wear

Measure the pressure of all tires and add air if needed. Inspect the quality and measurement of wear and tear on all tires and brake systems.

Oil and fluids

We make sure that your oil is clean and the filter is good. Then we check and adjust all fluid levels. 

Systems and engine components

We assess critical systems and components, including systems, air filter, belts, hoses, the exhaust system and more to identify any potential problems.


We analyze your car's battery for voltage and its ability to hold a charge. 

Vehicle report card

As soon as we're finished your vehicle's inspection, we'll go over the Red/Yellow/Green rating system with you. That way, you'll know what condition your vehicle is in. The inspection will reveal what's running well, what needs immediate attention, and what needs servicing or replacing in the future.


Order your new tires today

Get your all-season, all-weather, or performance tires today. We give a two-year tire replacement warranty, no questions asked. Parts and labour are covered on all tires sold.

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Ford Protection Plans

A Ford Protection Plan helps you avoid unexpected expenses. Ford Canada backs all plans and each one offers:  

  • Freedom from worry because you'll have expert factory-trained technicians using Ford-approved parts
  • Service across Canada and the U.S. from participating dealers
  • Transferable coverage for all Ford Protect Plans, which can help with the resale value of your vehicle.

Discover more
Ford PowertrainCare

Twenty-nine components are covered to keep you on your journey. These include some drivetrain, engine, and transmission parts.

Ford BaseCare

Certain engine, transmission, and drive-train parts, plus select steering, suspension, brake, electrical, and air-conditioning are covered in this 83-component care package.

Ford ExtraCare

This covers 113 components. The plan includes all BaseCare components, and also certain high-tech parts, including cruise control and power windows.

Ford PremiumCare

Get coverage for more than 1,000 components. PremiumCare includes all BaseCare and ExtraCare components and high-trach parts, emissions, audio, and safety components.

Ford PremiumCare Plus

This is the choice if you want full coverage. PemiumCare includes all BaseCare, ExtraCare, and PremiumCare components. In addition, first-day rental vehicle coverage, $0 deductible, and LED/HID lamp and headlamps are added.

Ford DieselCare

Get coverage of engine components in your Diesel Engine Warranty.

Ford Tire and Rim Protection

Tires and wheels bought during the plan are covered. This involves tire repair or replacement, mounting, balancing and valve stems, tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) sensors, system reprogramming, and/or TPMS replacement and coverage for eight years.

Maintenance Protection from Ford

Ford Maintenance Protection
Maintenance plans

Flexible maintenance plans are on offer from Ford. Options are select coverage based on time (two to eight years), distance (up to 200,000 km), and frequency (every 8,000/12,000 km or 16,000 km).

Choose coverage

You can get coverage for the maintenance and replacement of some common-wear items. These items can include brake pads & linings, brake rotors, engine belts, spark plugs, shock absorbers, wiper blades, light bulbs, and clutch discs.

Ford Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Maintenance Plans

Get a maintenance plan tailored for your Ford BEV. It can be customized around time (two to eight years) and distance (up to 200,000 km). This plan has Ford-recommended maintenance intervals and coverage for certain items when needed.

Ford Roadside Assistance

Ford Roadside Assistance
New vehicle roadside assistance

Roadside Assistance is free with every new Ford! Details can be found in your New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Ford is there for you whenever you need towing due to an accident or mechanical breakdown, fuel delivery, or a battery boost. 

24/7 roadside service

Roadside assistance is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week in Canada and the continental U.S. Call 1-800-665-2006. You can also send a service request to the Sykes4Ford Roadside Assistance app. 

Roadside Assistance app

It's real-time arrival when you submit requests through the app. Plus you get status updates immediately on your phone. The app lets you:

  • Register more than one Ford care under one account
  • Skip waiting on hold
  • Use GPS to determine your exact location
  • Ask for an agent to call back if you have more questions.


What are the service intervals for Ford?

Service intervals for vehicles 2008 and newer are every 8,000 km. If your Ford is 2007 or older then the service intervals are 5,000 km. Find your specific maintenance schedule for your vehicle in your user's manual. The manual will detail what needs to be done at each maintenance appointment. 

Does Ford offer free maintenance?

No, there's no free maintenance included with your Ford. However, you can buy an extended service plan. The plans vary between how many components are covered, as well as which  certain high-tech parts are included. You can also have cruise control and safety component added.

Ford's maintenance plans are customizable based on time, distance, and service frequency for non-battery electric vehicles.

How often does Ford recommend oil changes?

Change your oil and filter every 8,000 to 16,000 km. The actual kilometre figure will depend on your model and year. As well, your style of driving can affect your oil change frequency. Other things that affect how often you change your oil include:

  • Towing
  • Short-distance driving
  • Driving in extreme temperatures.

Please read your owner’s manual to see the actual oil change service interval, or speak to our team at Terrace Ford Lincoln.

Is a Ford expensive to maintain?

The Ford vehicle you own has been designed to endure the test of time, however, similar to all other automobiles on the road, it necessitates periodic maintenance and servicing to prolong its lifespan. The expenses involved in maintaining your Ford vehicle may differ based on the specific model you possess. As per the CAA's Driving Cost Calculator (caa.ca), for instance, the average cost of maintaining a Ford Escape is $1400.00. Opting for one of Ford's extended service plans or maintenance plans can allow you to finance these costs over a certain duration, thereby minimizing your out-of-pocket expenses.

What does service engine soon mean on my Ford vehicle cluster?

If you see the service engine soon light illuminated on your Ford, it indicates that your vehicle needs more than just routine maintenance. It is crucial to immediately book an appointment with either the team at Terrace Ford Lincoln or another Ford-certified service provider. 

A technician who has received training from the factory will thoroughly examine your vehicle and perform a diagnostic test if necessary. They will be able to identify the cause of the warning light and quickly restore your vehicle to its optimal performance.

Do service plans really save money?

Unexpected maintenance and service requirements can have an adverse effect on anyone's financial plans. With Ford's extended service plans, however, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is fully backed by Ford Canada, and the expenses can be financed over time.

In addition, all of Ford's extended service plans come with Roadside Assistance, meaning that if you require towing, assistance with a flat tire, or help with a lockout at any time, you're fully covered. This additional benefit helps to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses in case of any unforeseen incidents involving your vehicle.

Does missing a service void my warranty?

The answer is yes, it can. As the owner of the vehicle, it is your obligation to adhere to the maintenance schedule and ensure that only Ford-approved parts are utilized. If you fail to comply with the maintenance schedule as specified in your owner's manual, any parts impacted by the lack of maintenance will no longer be covered under your warranty. This could result in costly repairs or replacements that would otherwise have been covered by your warranty.

Which is better, a service or maintenance plan?

When deciding between Ford's extended service plans and maintenance plans, it is vital to evaluate the coverage and benefits included in each option. Ford's extended service plans offer more comprehensive coverage that includes parts and labour for repairing major vehicle components. On the other hand, Ford's maintenance plans cover the costs associated with regular vehicle maintenance, such as oil changes, wiper blades, and spark plugs.

Both Ford maintenance and service plans available through Ford Protect offer several advantages, including the ability to finance the plan's cost over a specified period of time, avoiding future price increases on parts and labor by paying today's prices, and guaranteeing the use of genuine Ford parts. In addition, all services will be performed by Ford factory-trained technicians, which can help increase the resale value of your vehicle in the future.